I'm passionate about music composition, music technology, and computer programming. I use Logic Pro X and Bitwig to create electronic/orchestral soundtracks, chiptunes, and synth/piano driven pop songs. Last year I traded in my Mac Mini and built my own "Mac Pro 3" for music making so I can use lots of tracks and plugins! I also still enjoy improvising and composing on piano. I always have a few computer programming projects I’m working on, most of which are in Javascript these days. I've made the mistake of dabbling in Objective-C and Swift as well! I love using Processing, node.js, and p5.js. Over the summer I worked as a Software Engineer and Full-Stack Web Developer at QTUltrasound. Just for fun, I've done some amateur texture upscaling of GCN games. I’ve released UHD packs for the Dolphin Emulator for Super Mario Sunshine and the City Trial mode of Kirby Air Ride.